AMOTEK PB181 / IS81 & IS214

Automatic Bagger for Baby Diapers with Integrated Systems

Automatic bagging machine PB181 for the compression and multiple bagging of baby diapers into polyethylene premade bags in wicket. The fully automatic Integrated Systems IS81 and IS214 complete the bagger with stacker for the counting-stacking, for optimized system performance.

Dimensions and performance depending on options and product features. Different dimensions possible upon request.
Inlet Speed: min. 200 Products/min
Inlet Speed: up to 800 Products/min
Production Output: up to 55 packages/min
Final Multi Package Dimensions (LxWxH): min. 160 mm x 100 mm x 70 mm
Final Multi Package Dimensions (LxWxH): max. 550 mm x 500 mm x 150 mm
  • Best cost-performance solution
  • Highly flexible machine design
  • Quick and easy change-over
  • Very small counts at high speed & very high counts at high compression
up to 800 Products/min
Inlet Speed
up to 55 packages/min
Production Output
max. 550 mm x 500 mm x 150 mm
Final Multi Package Dimensions (LxWxH)


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