Bag Filler for Toilet Rolls

Simple Solution for Standard Presentations

Automatic machines for the multiple bagging of toilet rolls into polyethylene bags from premade bags . The rolls can also be individually packed.
Designed for automatically running at the end of the production lines, the RB277 / PB277 machine may carry out bags filled with rolls in multiple configurations having vertical core, in single layer only. The products arriving from the upstream line on two lanes, positioned onto vertical core, are counted and automatically transported to the filling station. No change-over size parts is necessary. Sturdy modular design, with welded self supported tubular steel frame. Safety guards properly hinged to allow for easy access to the machine. CE Marking according to European safety and Health Specifications.

The machine is available in the two versions RB277 and PB277 according to the customers need. RB277 is using  a Premade Magazine storage where bags are loaded from the handle side.  The PB277 is using a standard wicket conveyor where  the wicket of premade bags is placed on some pins.

Dimensions and performance depending on options and product features. Different dimensions possible upon request. 
Inlet Speed: up to 300 rolls/min
Production Output: up to 30 packages/min
Gusseted Premade Bag Dimensions (LxW): min. 370 mm x 180 mm
Gusseted Premade Bag Dimensions (LxW): max. 890 mm x 250 mm
Single Product Dimensions (WxH): min. 90 mm x 98 mm
Single Product Dimensions (WxH): max. 125 mm x 108 mm
Final Multi Package Dimensions (LxWxH): min. 270 mm x 180 mm x 98 mm
Final Multi Package Dimensions (LxWxH): max. 720 mm x 250 mm x 216 mm
  • Modular machine structure
  • Premade bags feeding solutions without bagger stop
  • Single or double layer packages possible
  • Quick and easy change-over
  • Value for money
  • Perfect solution for ordinary products presentation
up to 300 rolls/min
Inlet Speed
up to 30 packages/min
Production Output
max. 720 mm x 250 mm x 216 mm
Final Multi Package Dimensions (LxWxH)


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